About the Health Department

It is the mission of the Barbour County Health Department to encourage and provide sound physical, menta,l and environmental health. We are a team of professionals dedicated to serving the health and well-being of our citizens; promoting public health through education, community awareness, health services, abating environmental hazards, and upholding and implementing all public health laws and regulations.
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WV Health & Human Resources
WV Threat Preparedness
WV Environmental Health
WV Immunization
Office of Epidemiology and Prevention Services (OEPS)
WV Family Planning
Local WIC


109 Wabash Avenue
Philippi, WV 26416

304-457-3315 (Home Health)

Administrator – Annette Santilli  annette.f.santilli@wv.gov 
Nurse Director – Rochelle Sutton RN  rochelle.s.sutton@wv.gov
Threat Preparedness – Bill Bowers  bill.r.bowers@wv.gov
Home Health – Christy Kerns christy.a.kerns@wv.gov
Behavioral Health – Kristy Stalnaker  phoebe7k@aol.com
Environmental – Bill Nestor  billnestor@hotmail.com  
County Health Officer – Dr. William A. SanPablo
BOH Chair – Barbara M. Barkley

Open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Daily
Open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Wednesday